Dinh Bá - spring/summer 2006

The joy of watching a debut collection can sometimes lie in witnessing innovation, and other times in seeing familiar shapes freshened up. For their first foray onto the Canadian Fashion Stage, Dinh Bá design gives us a bit of both in a remarkably strong first step.

The split-personality dresses give us one of the only bias cuts in a season nearly bereft of them, infusing the seriousness of black with dashes of whirlwind red and spring flair. Cummerbund or corset? You be the judge as to what pulls in these silhouettes to give them such nonchalant restraint. The georgette tunic with multi-coloured swirls is as brash as the pink smock with flared pleats is impressively simple.

The embroidered floral motifs and some of the belts are too monolithic, breaking up the harmony that some of the starkest ensembles achieve. They might have worked better on busier backgrounds.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer