Fairyesque - spring/summer 2006

Just when the fashion starts to get stuffy, the procession of models too monotonous and we wish we were rather jumping off a cliff than sitting through another re-hash, a fairy floats by and sprinkles magic dust. Fairyesque gave an enchanted lesson on the importance of measured whimsy in their debut 2006 spring-summer showing at Montreal Fashion Week.

This is mainly a collection of separates, dreamt in tangerine, lime, rich purples, black and neutral tones. There is a profusion of layered, crinkly tops and more than a handful of dainty skirts. Some of the outfits beg to be stared at, as well as to be touched: the lilac and mauve skirt is covered in feel-me relief, and has just enough structural counterpoint to keep it interesting. The purple tulle gazar skirt is a textural extravaganza.

The breezy culottes account for the heaviest of these truly summer pieces. And you’ve got to love the ruched orange and green silk that contrasts nicely with the subtle floral prints underneath.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer