Izzy Camilleri - spring/summer 2006

For dresses dripping with glitter and grace, Izzy Camilleri is the one to turn to. Spring-summer 2006 looks like it’s going to be one roaring ball.

It’s almost impossible to find one dress in the collection that’s not rippling with colour. The silk band lining that was popular in Canadian design a few seasons ago is here in spades, sometimes as solid orange to temper the kaleidoscopic craziness of the shimmying silk and suede gowns, and sometimes as midnight purple to separate the brazier from the body. Shiny fuchsia silk pants festooned with an empress gown are among the more radical offerings, though the boudoir kimonos are a personal favourite.

Izzy Camilleri puts out some of the only fur we’ve seen this season, in the form of epaulets and a puffy shrug. Things get slick with the leather pants and jackets, though the curling flames are a bit excessive. The skirts can be beige and unadorned for getting down to business or popping silver and gold lamé for getting down to boogie.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer