Mackage - spring/summer 2006

Forever devoted to blending leatherwear and ready-to-wear, designers Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy blur those boundaries even further with Mackage’s spring-summer 2006 oeuvre.

If the Sex Pistols killed 70’s rock music, Mackage’s new women’s wear offerings kill the idea that leather has to be exclusively outerwear, accessory of fetish. Strong monochromes are punked up and sexy, resulting in the mahogany shorts and zip-up jacket, the aquamarine skirt and jacket combo, as well as flashes of white gone sci-fi. What makes the tawny leather skirt with lace fringe so tantalizing is how a mile of midriff is exposed between it and the matching jacket. The taupe leather corset that laces up in the front looks surprisingly as comfortable as the cargo pants. For a touch of diversity, Mackage puts out an eggplant pea coat without even a hint of leather.

Details abound in this collection, from buttons and buckles to zippers and straps, though the few men’s pieces are a lot less complicated. There’s back-in-black leather jackets, undershirts and disco pants to bring those 70’s screaming right back, and smoky blue variations for the fainter of heart.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer