Jason Malto - spring/summer 2006

Jason Malto’s spring-summer 2006 debut collection uses razor-sharp shoulders to create a strong but feminine silhouette. The structure of a double-breasted white suit jacket is accentuated by the pointy detailing on a navy floral blouse. These clean lines also translated nicely into pencil skirts in neutral colours.

The highlight of this maiden collection, however, is slinky satin, brought to you in enough incarnations to make choosing a Jason Malto piece a chore. The mermaid gown may have awkward construction, but the snappy peach dress is hemmed-in at the knee and made for walking. There are muu-muus to make you wish you could lounge poolside forever. A nice set of stretchy tops and dresses with unique neck detail rounds out the collection.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer