Marie Saint Pierre - spring/summer 2006

Welcome to a night at the opera with Marie Saint-Pierre, who will be entertaining spring guests in three acts. Please take your seats. There will be no intermission.

Act One: Black. You are pleased to see classic Marie Saint Pierre silhouettes crinkling darkly, but hold the applause. We must now listen to the drama more closely, how the embroidered silk pants brush against the lustrous lining of the black spring trench. The gathered linen skirt whispers of what is to come, while the poufy shoulders don’t make a sound. With the scarlet wrinkle skirt to contrast against the black, we see the entrance of the black widow spider.

Act Two: Wispy. The triangular slashes on the gauzy white cotton blouse are barely swaying because you are holding your breath. A hand-painted dream floats out of the wings, a giant georgette-style flower deferring to the gentle folds of a silk dress. Blurring the lines between dress and coat, a tailored white frock falls into billowing denouement. A waist string keeps it from blowing across the theatre.

Act Three: Lithe. Gold hip-hugging skirts are making you squirm in excitement, as does the black-and-tawny skin dress with sharp and clean lines. Other MSP beauties include mile-high black pants and embroidered tank tops. In such a profusion of gold studs that you have to ask yourself if you’re at the opera or at an Elvis concert.

The collection, while busy and at times unfocussed, has just enough high points not to disappoint. The chaotic snow-white crinkle skirt alone is worth the price of admission.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer