On & On - spring/summer 2006

On & On écolo chic may be one of the few labels in Canada who recycle clothes, not ideas. It’s not easy to tell what objets trouvés went into the grist mill for spring-summer 2006, though what comes out is both infallibly original and a deconstructionist’s wet dream.

Cascading ruffle skirts abound and they have as many stories as they do layers and colours, held together with wonderfully chunky braided belts. You just know that the lace fringe on the mauve and beige A-line skirt was snipped off a princess wedding dress. It is easy to understand how some pieces can be hopelessly cluttered while providing an elaborate alternative to thrift store treasure hunting.

The fact remains that On & On is made for visual appreciation. A pretty-in-pink skirt catches the eye as much as the wispy blouses that are either off-the-shoulder oddities or disguised sashes.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
John Ortner, Photographer