Antonio Ortega - spring/summer 2006

spring-summer 2006 couture, Antonio Ortega reminded us why he is the go-to guy for over-the-top couture excess.

Razor-torn body-hugging silk is about as spare as it gets for women, while an emerald green jungle dress is stitched together in lines so precise that only Ortega could’ve done the meticulous hand-work. The layering is out of this world, and tornadoes of red, black and glittery gold are contained within both horizontal and vertical lines. There is enough Victorian fantasy here to open a theme park. If you haven’t thought of wearing a terrycloth jacket over elephant culottes, then you haven’t been spending enough time in Antonio Ortega’s dream world.

The human tableau also included men, prancing in undies and modernized zoot suits, which if my eyes served me correctly, included Monsieur Ortega himself.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer