Parasuco - spring/summer 2006

You know it’s a good show when people are snapping pictures with their cell phones. Parasuco gave the Montreal crowd ample reason to shoot while unveiling a sprawling spring-summer 2006 urbanwear collection that leaves no stone unturned.

Canadian denim has never come in such diverse selection. For women, low-rise jeans are bespeckled with rhinestones and floral embroidery, sometimes just a sparkle here or there, and other times an explosion of colour cradling the hips. Snow-white appears to be denim’s power shade for the spring, whether it be in the sharply cut hiphuggers or the carefree capris. Never underestimate the power of surprise: when was the last time you saw a relaxed fit miniskirt with saddle-stitching?

If Parasuco was out to make a point, it was that they are no longer, and maybe never have been, strictly about denim. Cute Daisy Duke tops tied at the front evokes a country feel, as do the studded halter tops with wheat motifs. The line of three-quarter-length crepe dresses are as sexy as the silk lingerie, pieces that are as glammed up as anything else in the collection.

Parasuco has plenty of duds for the urban cowboys out there. For men, jeans and cotton pants are slightly flared and feature accentuated pockets. The embroidery is a stroke of design genius because of how it attracts attention to the masculinity of shoulder breadth. Thank the fashion gods that the grass stains are gone this season, the new grunge accents being muddied patches reminiscent of the ones Dean & Dan whipped up for Madonna’s Music tour.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer