Rosa Costanzo - spring/summer 2006

Can you offer everything under the fashion spotlight and still deliver a marketable collection? Rosa Costanzo sets out to answer that question with her spring-summer 2006 line.

This collection features chic European layering and styling, which would somehow have been incomplete without the ubiquitous black crosses. The A-line silk skirt, whose lace trim doesn’t trick us into believing it’s anything other than sinfully delicious, is paired with a nondescript black top sagging with chains. A dusty pink skirt steals attention with its rough-hewn detailing while the bridesmaid dress captures us with its elegant draping.

I’m not too sure, however, why a pop-influenced military jacket was worn with a skirt featuring brown and white prints imported from 1970’s era sofa design. Neither is it clear why a Swiss Alps bolero is purported to be the natural accessory for a gothic kiss-me-I’m-crying halter top.

There is one unifying element that holds it all together-shades of war-time austerity trickles through in most of the gowns and skirts, occasionally taking a more optimistic turn with black and white georgette.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer