Shan - swimwear 2006

Having purveyed designer swimwear for 20 years now, Chantal Lévesque is able to take some risks with the venerable Shan, saucing up the runway with skimpy fashion that would make some ready-to-wear designers jealous.

A banana yellow bikini with cup drawstrings gives you the option, ahem, to bare as much as you dare. There’s at least one outfit that qualifies as tank top and undies with crinkle-cut edges, and the Hawaiian temptress was given latitude with the faux-hula skirts. But Shan was not yet content, reinventing the wheel with a two-toned chartreuse suit that blurs the boundary between one-piece and bikini, with beautiful Lycra architecture scurrying up the midriff.

While showing some dandy men’s swimsuits, there was limited opportunity to be creative with them.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
John Ortner, Photographer