Andy Thê-Anh - spring/summer 2007

Andy Thê-Anh returns to glam with a spring/summer 2007 collection composed of killer silhouettes in glittering fabrics.

“There is a touch of glamour, but I didn’t want to do costume. I’m continuing to bring back the 80’s through the eyes of 40’s movie stars like Veronica Lake. Though I don’t want to seem obsessed with her,” he laughed.

What can compete with the jet-black satin tulip dress? Clearly only something as irreverently sassy as the bubble-gum pink prom dress with ribbons and chiffon pleating. Meow. A silver jacket looks like it came straight from the set of Bladerunner, and Thê-Anh is possibly the only designer in Canada who can pleat satin for maximum effect, every cinch and gather a masterstroke.

We asked Andy to chart his evolution as a designer.

“I know what I do best. This collection seals the deal between what I did with POW and what I do as Andy.”

The evidence backs up this claim. If Andy Thê-Anh’s career trajectory can be divided into two parts, the first focused on sexed-up glam and the second on sophisticated, feminine layering, then this collection fuses these worlds of Andy into one.

A low-cut tunic is worn over a gauzy camisole, yet they seem to be fused together, while a charcoal skirt is joined to a frilly white top by virtue of a cummerbund that almost disappears between them. These pieces work well within the context of star-bespeckled pants and more silver than you can find in the artwork on a Duran Duran LP.

A quintessential example of the new, layered glam: a fitted gold cami-dress under a gilded body-suit. Amazing.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer