Bustle - spring/summer 2007

The country club look may be catching on this season like a bad cold, and though Bustle is definitely riding that train with their spring/summer 2007 collection, they’ve managed to make minor improvements to it.

The striped tops are simple and sexy, and bless them for giving us short-sleeved blouses (have designers forgotten how to make them?) Capri pants are cinched at the knee to hint at all things equestrian, especially when we factor in the riding jacket with belted closures. Looking at the rolled-up plaid culottes, we can almost smell the cucumber sandwiches and hear the polo game. Had the gaudy, spotted green fabric not been made such a focal point, the women’s wear might have been perfectly aristocratic.

The results for men, however, are slightly clownish. With baby blue boys-club blazers sporting ivy-league insignias, slacks and shirts in pastel plaids that do battle with each other, the men’s line smacks of wealthy enfant terrible on vacation. I’m not sure if the collection wears as comfortably as the packaging would suggest—the shorts are obviously designs that began as pants and were then cropped too short.

It would have been nice to see less style and more substance from the winners of the Ford Fashion Award.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer