Joeffer Caoc - spring/summer 2007

There are fashion companies and then there are fashion designers. Joeffer Caoc, spring/summer 2007 has proven yet again, is indubitably the latter.

There are the personal touches we’ve come to expect and relish in one of his collections—loose, easy draping of gauzy bat-wing tops, cross-your-heart organza, colours whose interplay is based on being shades of each other, pants so immaculately tailored that you have to wonder if Joeffer Caoc was a surgeon in a past life.

Newness springs forth and takes us by surprise. This is one of the few occasions that Caoc relinquishes his love of the symmetric for asymmetric cuts. An off-the-shoulder white jersey dress features a slightly cinched hem, doing safely what the single spaghetti strap of a two-tiered dress risks a wardrobe malfunction to accomplish. Success!

The fact that this collection is a world of grey doesn’t mean it’s necessarily sober. Silver lamé trench coats scream for attention from within the confines of their classic structure.

It’s not only this consistent dichotomy of looks that has kept Caoc afloat in our imaginations for so long; it’s also tempering the expected with healthy doses of designer surprise.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer