Dean Horn - spring/summer 2007

What’s the recipe for producing a timeless, debut collection that shows the public what you’re made of, what the market can expect of you, and sets a template for things to come? Dean Horn shares both the ingredients and the goodies with us for his spring/summer 2007 start.

Simplicity. A spate of halter-top dresses, cropped well above the knee. The solid colours of midnight blue, snow white, dusty yellow. Even when new designer Dean Horn decides to get fancy, it’s never more complicated than a barely visible double layer, a fringed hem, or some trendy eyelet detail.

On pieces so simple, details become all the more important. Neck variations tie the collection together, shifting from swoops to v-necks with differing degrees of downward dive.

The separates are also little tidbits of success in their own right. Sand-coloured skirts and short-shorts are matched with tops succulently immodest for their peek-a-book back cut-outs. Some of the combinations are accented with strands of distressed fabric, as much abandon as Dean Horn’s simplicity can afford.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer