David Dixon - spring/summer 2007

Every couple of seasons, David Dixon takes a sober turn, producing nothing superfluous, just the bare bones of style. Spring/summer 2007, a sad ode to memory and loss, allows the designer to focus on the basics, and to remind us why he’s one of Canada’s best.

Dixon presents us with a blinding world of white. Sometimes the look is softer, in the form of A-line dresses and gentle florals, and sometimes it is stark and sharp with armies of buttons marching up the front of a tunic. The collection evokes a feeling of passage, what with Dixon creating brilliant links between outfits that might be, historically, from different eras.

A favourite piece—the dress that starts off as a black and white martinique-striped shirt and descends into a lace overlay skirt.

There is a feeling of rebirth in the use of the energetic geo-patterns. It’s difficult for Dixon to resist going 60’s mod for a short spell, but we can forgive him because it’s done so sprightly—black capelette perching on the shoulders, over a frill-necked blouse and insouciant skirt.
There is a rare touch of naughtiness in this collection, one that finds more currency in being austere. How lucky we are to have a designer who can expertly channel his moods.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer