Falbala - spring/summer 2007

Pleasing lines and colour genius mark Falbala’s spring/summer 2007 collection as one of structured sexiness.

There is an ever-present nod to symmetry found in any Falbala piece, a photogenic attribute that is perhaps why the label is so popular with magazine stylists and drooling fans at large. It’s lucky for us that bustier dresses have dart lines that place gentle emphasis on dress construction, since it’s done in a season when we can see the total package. V-necks swoop down bubble-gum pink chiffon, in pieces that tie this collection to the lightness of Falbala’s previous outings. What’s impressive is the consistency in the treatment of fabrics—somehow, the faux denim jean jacket is as breezy as the white summer dresses.

Visual interest peaks with the jungle prints, used in a half-length dress that’s adventurous enough to wear just about anywhere you’re not supposed to go. The pop factor, however, kicks in with a dizzying connect-the dots pattern in black, white and red that is put to good use on a variety of pieces, including a bikini.

It’s almost as if Falbala knows just when to indulge our craving for…well, Falbala!

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer