Genux - spring/summer 2007

Genux, with their concise and well-planned spring/summer 2007 collection, shows us that simplicity is best.

The comprehensive range of separates really earmark this collection as professional. Taupe
is the colour of choice for an array of muslin shorts, simple embroidered dresses and cargo pants. Where do skirts end and short-shorts begin? With some good schmoozing, Genux could easily land their tennis wear on the hips of Maria Sharapova et al. The rest of the separates are rounded out by white and black tops and bottoms, with capri pants and halter tops that are so good they make each other look bad.

V-necks play big, and so do open-back features, showing that simple separates can have exciting silhouettes. Cross-your heart dresses do wonders to show off the attributes of muslin. Likewise, silhouette is the focus with the silk satin eveningwear sculpted to perfection—little shimmering V-neck dresses with ruffle detail, some of them bias cut.

Let it be noted that we’re above the knee this season, and Genux doesn’t let us forget it!

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer