Izzy Camilleri - spring/summer 2007

Izzy Camilleri’s spring/summer 2007 collection is all about texture, one that aims, with mixed results, to be as stimulating to the eye as to the touch.

The floral-printed taffeta and jacquard does seem a bit out-dated, especially when we compare it with the fierce, young looks Izzy Camilleri presented last season. The French lace can be a bit stodgy at times, when it’s applied to a housedress and looks like decorative wallpaper, but it can also pop and sizzle , as in the case of the organza-sleeved top and it’s spider webbing. Let’s not forget the negligées with the peek-a-boo games they play.

The crinkled cocoon-like dresses in pastel blue and desert sand look a little awkward, but they are nonetheless intriguing new shapes for Camilleri, and they help to diversify the silhouettes in this outing.

The smoother, slinkier pieces is where Camilleri scores big, giving us more than just swooning memories of last fall. Who else can cut silver lamé capri pants quite like this? The shiny eyelet fabric that’s used to create a spate of sprightly tops stops just short of being sci-fi, instead carrying trademark Izzy Camilleri romanticism.

You’ve got to love the black leather gauchos! Same thing goes for the fitted black leather top, worn with a gathered bell skirt.

Catwoman, look out.
Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer