Morales - spring/summer 2007

Renata Morales’ spring/summer 2007 collection showcases the designer’s painterly genius with a line of snazzy, offbeat separates and suits.

The fashionable white gauchos lead the seeming focus on pants, and they look both like something you’d wear to a vernissage, as well as what you’d slip into for weekend slacking. High-waisted capris explode into Van Gogh florals, and hint at the formality that Morales abandons for the most part this time around.

The pleated chiffon dresses are treated to mile-high waists courtesy of some well-appointed ribbons-cum-belts, and they carry with them a 70’s vibe. Is Stevie Nicks in the house? The pleated white tuxedo with the purple rain-speckled bib and black lapels echoes Europe’s current fascination with the gussied-up and re-invented tuxedo, yet with hallmark Morales panache.

If there’s an overriding message in this collection, it’s that you can be as colourful as a rainbow melted into a bucket of Skittles, and you still don’t have to see a solid colour in sight.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer