Perplex and Lola - spring/summer 2007

For a success story of how to keep a thumb on the pulse of urban fashion at the same time as shaping it, we don’t have to look any further than Perplex and Lola.

Perplex and Lola does edgy fashion for women as good as any other urban-wear designer in Canada. The off-the-shoulder tops with slightly distressed elements, or in some instances spattered ink, seem to be a successful stab at maintaining street cred (I haven’t seen a two-shouldered shirt in Montreal for at least three years).

There are snug jeans whose fit give the illusion of couture cuts, and the stretchy denim is put to stunning use in a variety of pants. Snappy jackets are minimal enough to be fierce, and when these are co-coordinated with the bottoms with strokes of razor-sharp perfection, the Perplex and Lola urban uniform is created.

This ‘Medicine Against Reality’, as a t-shirt proudly declares, is cultish in appeal, and that’s just how we like our urban-wear. But if we are to believe that Perplex and Lola clothes reach beyond the clever marketing, and that this is a fashion house and not simply an apparel brand, then the company logo could afford to be splashed on the fashion a bit less frequently.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer