Rudsak - spring/summer 2007

For treated leather outerwear so delicious-looking you want to eat it like a Fruit Roll-up, Rudsak’s spring/summer 2007 collection serves up all you’ll probably need.

Veteran designer Evik Asatoorian has to be credited for flirting with colour and hue to achieve these tasty results. An umber leather jacket for women has adorably rounded features, looking almost plant-like and organic. Smooth colour-coordination of jackets and skirts, say in the creamiest mauve you can imagine, shifts our attention to the gentle A-line flares that give many a piece their chutzpah.

The supple leather mini-suits for women are complimented by trench coats, and bravo for getting rid of those mile-deep pockets that stuck to Rudsak clothes like starfish these past couple of seasons.

The men’s jackets are straight-cut and straight-forward, though some of the toughness is unfortunately muted by exaggerated collars. A highlight of the men’s line is the jet-black double-breasted blazer, if for nothing else than for being so multi-functional.

If this collection by Montreal leather powerhouse Rudsak is nothing new, then at least it’s consistently good.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer