Pink Tartan - spring/summer 2007

A romantic bug has bitten Canadian fashion in the behind, and it looks like Pink Tartan’s spring summer 2007 outing is the latest willing casualty.

Dainty 60’s A-lines were the hallmark of this collection, whether it be white trench coats with exaggerated buttons and belts, or the prim, gathered dresses. The cute, button-up housedresses are done up in a spring-summer 2007 favourite—popping silver lamé. The rounded lapels only reinforce the fact that this collection is all about being adorable (and let those nay-sayers be reminded that ‘cute’ has no age).

Pale greys, tans, and pinks round out the colour palette, proving that sombre colours don’t necessarily mean sombre clothes—they can be freshened by touches of romanticism, and by dynamic silhouettes. A healthy mix of canted layering in this collection creates looks, rather than just clothes, which makes it easier for any designer to sell their product.

Nothing revolutionary here, but it’s surprising how few designers can maintain this kind of professionalism and consistency season after season.

I’m not sure if the kitschy chandeliers the production crew strung up at the last minute, however, were worth delaying the show and making the audience wait impatiently (not to mention the next scheduled designer) for over an hour on a Friday night.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer