Zena B - spring/summer 2007

Zena B takes us on a lace fantasy trip for spring/summer 2007, one where for better or for worse, no stitch or eyelet is left unturned.

There is more lace here than you would’ve needed to choke Marie Antoinette’s personal seamstress. It’s stitched into seams, pockets, lapels, as embellishment and also as the main attraction. The coffee-coloured frill scarf is just the cherry on top of an equally ornate outfit that borders on overkill—cascading multi-coloured chiffon layers, where blouse and skirt get lost in each other’s folds.

The bolero occupies a curious position in this collection, as both fetish element and accessory. They’re also the edgiest pieces, what with their raw cuts, though I’m not sure they should be used to hide other fashions so frequently.

Must-have of the collection: cappuccino knit sweater with slender flute sleeves, drawn together with clever belting.

On the whole, the patchwork and layering feels a little overdone, and there seems to be a lot of bells and whistles where none are needed because the silhouettes are kick-ass.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer