M Siamo - spring/summer 2008

M. Siamo dazzles with explosive colour for spring/ summer 2008, rejuvenating the line with youthful pep.

Electric blue: Silk chiffon dresses benefit from this Technicolor booster shot, whether they ooze with formality, or sport unassuming shirt collars. This beautiful blue is used as an accent on skirts and tops. In one outfit, it pokes through the black and white cobblestone pattern of a flared skirt with a trendily high waist.

Cotton candy pink: This colour is dripping off a button-up housedress, a dress so sugary that it should never be worn at home. All of its wildness is held together by a wide, black belt, another trend of spring/summer 2008. The wide lapel waist-length trench strikes as a little too Barbie, but we can overlook that.

Tar black: When black is dipped in shine, it can be dangerously sexy. Trench coats take new life in this slick and sinister reworking. What would a cinched skirt with white chalk line patterns look like in any other colour? Black also appears to be the colour of choice for those wide belts that are all the rage (giving M. Siamo a three-for-three trend record).

Shine me up: Silver and gold are real commodities here, whether it’s the bullion strapless gown with matching jacket, or a shimmering silver jacket pliable enough to hike up the sleeves. As for the transparent polyethylene throwover, that’s just gravy.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer