Andy Thê-Anh - spring/summer 2008

Andy Thê-Anh gives us ethereal wisps and aquiline silhouettes for spring/summer 2008, fresh looks that don’t claim to reinvent the wheel.

Thê-Anh’s collection “Send me an Angel” has an undeniable lightness of being, embodied in such pieces as the white satin dress with mermaid wisps. Also riding the breezy spring look is the chiffon dress with mushroom pleats, cut at a chic three quarters.

In a surprising departure from eye-dazzling color, Thê-Anh instead chooses muted pastels to express his vision for the season. Aqua is one of the highlights, chosen for high-waist linen pants, saucy tops, and skirts with trademark Andy frills.

Silhouette, rather than colour, is what lends this collection its strength. Snappy business suits are among the sharpest pieces, quite literally. Jackets are either double-breasted with scissor-shaped swoops or zip-up until the waist. These angular cuts modify the softer, layered look that Andy has been touting for the modern businesswoman these past few seasons.

Dresses, however, remain girly and feminine. Cloud dresses billow out in folds of silk, and more practical, urban ditties have twists of fabric that are structural and pleasing to look at. The triple-layered, dusty pink dress is the most ornate that this collection gets, almost a period piece for all its busy tulle detailing.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer