David Dixon - spring/summer 2008

David Dixon shows us his fun side for spring/summer 2008, cutting loose on some of the themes that made him a Canadian fashion darling.

The ‘Newport’ theme means more than just giant sailboat props—it licenses the celebration of the fun, casual elements that the designer might have been tempted to underplay in previous seasons.

Eye popping, fan-shaped geometrical patterns in black and white are Dixon’s vision of spring, and he persuades us to it convincingly. Simple, in-line silhouettes are chosen to broadcast this pop playfulness, and if possible, to reign it in.

The black feathered tunic is just as campy, while retaining the elegance that Dixon is known for. A skirt version of this is paired with a sateen bustier and black biker bolero, a classic eveningwear outfit that Dixon is able to infuse with fun.

The glossy jacquard-finish silver dresses have cute pockets and tie belts, but when covered by the chiffon sheaths, have me screaming for the romantic Dixon, not the futuristic one. A pale mauve flute dress has a cresting empress neck, a rather odd touch of royalty that seems misplaced.
Dixon’s fashion is best when he bowls us over with his subtlety, rather than with paunch. A strappy, A-shaped summer dress that cinches at the waist is remarkable for its irregular pleating, the waveform lines gently stitched into the garment, giving the silhouette an exciting, elusive quality.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer