Andy Thê-Anh - spring/summer 2009

For spring-summer 2009, Andy Thê-Anh takes a drive through old Hollywood to revisit the monochromatic genius of seasons past.

Jackets are spun on an unapologetically vertical axis and pants are deliciously straight cut. The only way to the top, Thê-Anh would have us believe with the saucy zipper skirts, is up. The colours are hallucinogenic, but also evoke a certain softness that plays well with the lean silhouettes. The array of two-toned hourglass dresses in java, slate, black, and white all attest to the power of this duality.

Texture has a lot to do with the neo-glamour in this collection. The mocha silk and chiffon blouse has ribbon and pleating detail that is punchy without being gaudy, while the laminated basket-weave coat accomplishes this feat with all the subtleties of jet black. The smooth satin finish on many of the pieces is a fine platform for spotlighting Thê-Anh’s designs.

The bell curves that are prevalent in this collection seem to echo fall 2008 more than spring 2009 trends, but Andy Thê-Anh is one designer I don’t mind giving me flashbacks.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer