Evan Biddell - spring/summer 2009

There are solid reasons why this designer won Project Runway Canada in 2008, and spring/summer 2009 was another chance to discover them.

Evan Biddell identifies as a ‘sustainable designer’, employing such earth-friendly fabrics as Lyocell, linen, and reactive denim in this collection. Structure and movement is blended brilliantly in the white palazzo pants and bikini-style halter top, twisting deferentially to body architecture. The ‘Piece Making’ theme of the collection merges bold, sharp cuts and cheeky prints to achieve a playful—and slightly androgynous—balance. Face-print leggings, matching top, and head sash are but one of many pairings that reflect this relaxed take on immaculate garb.

Innovation and fresh blood, however, is the real reason for Biddell’s rising star. As the designer says,

“Each piece in my collection is designed to give a woman instant presence when she walks into a room.”

The chic peek-a-boo body suits, denim culotte shorts, and flouncy black and white gingham dress are designed to do just that.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer