Bustle - spring/summer 2009

Bustle delivers a stylish and versatile collection for spring/summer 2009, perhaps one that mixes and matches a bit too much.
For men, dapper double-breasted leisure suits in cream and white are square-shouldered and unabashedly boxy. The avocado button-up trench is an odd piece that shows the same structural rigour, while also injecting a bit of colour, and pants are similarly straight-cut. The cream demi-trench, with its fitted cut and tapered sleeves, presents a somewhat softer look. It’s not all business casual: Sporty elements include the iridescent capris, white V-neck t-shirts, and unremarkable Bermuda shorts.

Stripes abound in Bustle spring/summer 2009. They can be thin and with subtle differences in hue, as we see in the dress shirts, or they can be wide navy-on-white marine stripes on a wide-collared spring jacket. There is a snappy striped smoking jacket for those who want something a little out of the ordinary, but triple-layered outfits with three kinds of striping is where the collection loses its focus.

Although streamlined, it would have been nice to see some fabric texture in this mainly pressed cotton and linen collection. Bustle shines when the devil is in the details, as we see with the black pants and matching sport jacket, its cream inner lining the highlight of the piece.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer