Joeffer Caoc - spring/summer 2009

The trouble with Joeffer Caoc’s ‘nude’ theme for spring/summer 2009 sortie is that it’s hard for clothes to be invisible when they look so good.

The etched silk wedge dress, as the lead-off piece in a collection billed as “nude as you are when you’re born”, is surprisingly ostentatious, what with its tripartite construction and painterly splatters. The white capri pants and matching sleeveless tops, on the other hand, are delightfully uncomplicated. And the tan jersey voile dress bring this collection even more in line with its stated purpose, as do the ivory jersey blouson and black satin camisole.

Stripes reign strong on this collection, a perfect opportunity for Caoc to delve into the symmetry that he’s known for executing so well. The horizon stripe wedge dress has a tie-dye element that adds to the overall 70’s feel of Canada’s spring/summer 2009 collections. The black-and-white striped sequin skirt adds a touch of glam, while the striped translucent dress hits a more mysterious note.

Very few Canadian fashion designers can create camisoles like Joeffer Caoc can. Whether rounded neck, sloping V, or off-the-shoulder, these pieces are the invisible backbone of many a Caoc outing.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer