David Dixon - spring/summer 2009

Rich texture and bold prints score a draw in David Dixon’s spring/summer 2009 collection, while crimson triumphs over longstanding predilections for black and white.

A floor-length dress, made of thousands of leather porcupine-like quills, sends a shiver down the spine as good texture will so often do. True to Dixon form, there are three-quarter and skirt options of this innovation. Surface detail is equally captivating in the shantung, where the collection eschews sheen for the glories of spun raw silk.

A sleeveless chrysanthemum print dress in the style of Georgia O’Keefe brings sexy back to the Canadian fashion stage, with a touch of elegance that is terminally hot. Glass alligator organza might be the designer’s fetish of the season, using it to create black body armour too glittery for combat.

In fact, most of this collection is tight to the body, which is odd, considering that the collection is called “Walk to Freedom.” There are exceptions, however, including the black and white hibiscus silk print pieces, ranging from a skirt and top combo to a deliciously uninhibited spaghetti-strap gown.

Not all of the best pieces are in Dixon’s favourite two non-colours, noir et blanc. Crimson is figures as a prominent accent colour, coming through in either searing floral prints or in popping solids, but never half-heartedly.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer