Envers - collection spring/summer 2009

Envers delivers a spring/summer 2009 collection that merges comfort, luxury, and innovation like no other.

A pinstriped sport jacket devoid of lapels has a dovetail finish that accentuates height, and the silk robes and black jacquard emperor jacket continue this vertical pull. Electric blue lamé is reserved for jacket lining, while orange julep is given wider play, as a solid on a black-trimmed men’s robe.

For women, an umber swath of fabric is wrapped Grecian-style into a dress, and while this no surprise for an Envers collection, wearing it over a pair of pants represents a new turn. This ethos carries through in the dimpled grey dress coat, worn over blue jeans. Is this simply a case of designer friskiness, or is Yves-Jean Lacasse making the declaration that comfort and luxury are inseparable?

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer