Evan & Dan - spring/summer 2009

Designers Raymond Boutet and Lyle Reimer merge old and new in ‘Future Folk’ for spring/summer 2009.

The collection is a fun, hybrid riff on high-tech and folk-craft, and it is great to see this accomplished in an understated way. This sparse marriage comes through in such pieces as the white sleeveless top and matching skirt: giant patterns are given full reign, though kept semi-transparent on somewhat rigid, microfibre fabrics. Laser-etched and cut-out floral prints are used on a number of V-neck vests, off-beat mini-suits, and floor-length gowns.

Now add tangerine and gold—a shimmering season favourite—to the mix and you’ve got a winning collection that knows when to pull its punches and when to let fly.

“In a world where technology progresses and cities become more futuristic, people are compelled to rediscover lost arts – to reconnect with their human side,” said Boutet. “Combining updated appliqué with modern textiles, we marry old and new in a modern and minimalist way.”

It’s no surprise that Evan & Dean already boasts a celebrity following including American Idol judge Paula Abdul, The L Word actor Kristanna Loken and musician Alicia Keys.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer