Denis Gagnon - spring/summer 2009

Denis Gagnon rides his unique brand of colour shock into spring/summer 2009, injecting vividness into silhouettes designed with the wardrobe multitasker in mind.

The shapes are sculpted but fluid, and can be modified quite cleverly with the help of a rather arrangement of ties and cords reminiscent of the 70’s. The pieces are brilliantly optimized for dressing preferences and body types, putting control in the hands of the wearer. A dusty rose tunic can be cinched or loosened with ornate lacing, and the same thing goes for halter-top dresses in black and off-white. Leather pencil skirts and biker jackets with cabled sleeves come pretty much ‘as is’, though no one’s complaining!

Long jersey dresses are where Gagnon chooses to get poetic this season, starting on a center line and draping asymmetrically around it for a cocoon effect. Now colour it fuchsia, red, and gold, and you’ve got perfection. Despite these bright monochromes, the sobriety of the cut holds sway, with closely cropped neck and shoulders maintaining a rigorous elegance in the face of inventive twists.

Creamy, opalescent satin pieces add a touch of dream to this bold collection, with plunging V-necks daring to go where the bevelled bell dress, for reasons of its own, does not.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer