Joe Fresh - spring/summer 2009

Street wear got its groove back with Joe Fresh for spring/summer 2009.

Simple separates titillate in this straightforward collection that succeeds in merging clean lines and light fabrics for a more chic look than street wear usually permits. For women, there are short skirts and dresses with cinched hems in salmon, aqua, bubble-gum pink and navy blue. This marine theme is carried further with nautical stripes, whether on the green flute dress or the button-up sweater. Surprisingly, they represent the boldest turns that this collection takes.

The men’s pieces are bent, it would seem, on erasing any silly machismo. White windbreakers with yellow zips and pastel slacks is the type of Joe Fresh you’ll meet in 2009.

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer