Thien Le - collection spring/summer 2009

Canadian fashion wizard Thien Le takes us for a dazzling trip down the yellow brick road for spring/summer 2009.

Colour runs amok in the collection. A yellow, laser-cut lace dress with black underlay pollinates with sunshine, while halter-top dresses in yellow, pink, and green pastels shows what Thien Le does best: merge subtle elegance into jaw-dropping silhouettes. From gold-gilt sarongs exploding with colour to a stunning, asymmetric rose evening gown with subtle rainbow swirls, this collection is a potent spring celebration.

Culottes are something we’re not seeing a lot of this season, though Le uses them to bring Italian sensibilities to spring/summer 2009. This retro glam is further enlivened by blouses with iridescent, multi-coloured stripes and capped by soft, rounded bows. Otherwise, a silver lamé top is as flashy and urban as this outing gets.

Le knows that evening wear is not limited to formal duds for celebrities such as Wendy Crewson, Colm Feore, and Iman. Witness his liberty in tossing a hot pink bikini into the mix, under a lighter-than-air floral-print sash. This breezy motif is continued in the V-neck mauve sash with pagoda sleeves, and in the black and white marbled voile dress.

The collection then veers into the deliciously dainty, with the blue and white Royal Doulton dress with cinched waist: it’s positively regal. This theme is taken up a notch with a silk wrap blouse, a silver jacquard empress coat, and copious Victorian lace.

Would you want to wear anything else on a trip to Oz?

Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer