Andrew Majtenyi - spring/summer 2010

Andrew Majtenyi’s softened jet-set dream takes flight in his spring-summer 2010 collection, presented at London Fashion Week.

Ever been caught staring at your wardrobe in distress, with nothing to wear when you need bold lines and a delicate finish measured with perfect balance? If so, Majtenyi seems to have thought of you, providing spritely and shimmering solutions to this conundrum.

Silhouette is on a pedestal in this outing by this Canadian designer whose international star has risen. Dresses are deconstructed beauties, with sleek panels and fringing that freshen up the season by hinting at a fourth dimension. Taffeta and lace compete for the spotlight in a sober palette of slate, taupe and white, showing off the designer’s even hand and knack for restraint.

It’s no wonder this was the only London collection not on the main Fashion Week stage to appear in the UK edition of Vogue.

At times, Majtenyi taps directly into our ’60s connotations of aeronautics, or even space travel, with metallic micro-mini dresses dipped in Mod, then bringing these adventurous pieces back to earth by remodelling them as suits. High-waisted tulip skirts stray from this aesthetic for a bit of diversity.

Not only has Andrew Majtenyi given us a poetically optimistic view of spring, but he’s created the stunning wardrobe you need to make cameos that impress.


Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer