Bustle - spring/summer 2010

Bustle takes beach looks to the max in this sprawling spring-summer jaunt in the sand.

The combination of stripes and plaids – and of surfer and clubby looks – in this menswear collection might seem overdone, but Bustle thankfully finds ingenious ways to link these elements for spring-summer 2010.

In Bustle’s beach-house bordello, the classic white suit is irresistible, as is the ocean-blue blazer with distinctive piping when worn over a preppy sweater. The bevy of plaid shirts are culled from the pastel colour wheel, with the occasional odd-colour-out, like gun-metal blue. Can colours pop without clashing? A powder-blue blazer over a hot pink shirt says ‘yes.’ The only black cloud over all this fun was a solemn black suit, and even that was pretty nifty.

For women, a few bikinis also made it down the runway, although this felt more like a token gesture than a womenswear offering. The LG Fashion Week show got a little out of control when scantily clad men and women sprawled on the catwalk and then on a couch for all to gawk at.

The highlight, though, was a cameo by none other than the CBC’s own Rick Mercer, barely able to contain his glee.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer