David Dixon - spring/summer 2010

David Dixon makes another high-contrast outing in this semi-casual line of rolled and ruffled creations.


Layered, duck yellow blouses are matched with stark black tops and white pants, reminding us that this legend of the Canadian Fashion Stage is not afraid to impress with the odd – yet frighteningly appropriate – burst of colour. There are plenty of classy outfits for those in search of elegance, including a beautifully sculpted white off-the-shoulder dress with an elaborate neckline (later repeated in black), as well as a strapless white number. Wrap tops, as well as billowy skirts and dresses, also make a strong impressions.

The pants, jackets and raincoats are not to be outdone - showing a surprising amount of rigour in a collection designed with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in mind! The blue dresses with tie closures are playfully boisterous, while the grainy geometric graphics in the charcoal bridge the two solitudes that no Dixon collection can escape: elegance and contrast, flowing mellifluously into each other.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer