Paul Hardy - spring/summer 2010

Pristine creations usher in spring light in Paul Hardy’s spring-summer 2010 collection.

With charging choral music playing, Hardy’s light, accessible fare floated on a high note down the LG Fashion Week runway. These gorgeous pieces are light, crafty and innovative, fusing lace and cotton of varying textures. There were plenty of flouncy, hemmed skirts and loose-fitting oversized shirts, looks that balance out the equally dramatic but tighter outfits. Either way, the vision of this collection is brightness in all its beauty.

Light tan and ivory were the only hints of colour, in an outing much more focused on texture and silhouette. From cuffed leggings, sparse feathered pedals, and open necked blouses to puffy elbows and shawls draping like relaxed angel wings, the designer has created a stunning and memorable portrait of spring.

Just like that, our new favourite season.

Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer