Jeremy Laing - spring/summer 2010

Jeremy Laing speaks volumes while designing the look for spring-summer 2010.

The designer returns this season with geometric lines, opting for boldness with an architectural edge instead of the exploitive colours that have dominated his previous collections. With a touch of Frank Lloyd Wright-esque minimalism, these pared-down ensembles are sophisticated, though soft and breezy as a hang-loose summer.

Casual attire sees patchwork jackets, geometric vests, knee-padded leggings, and stunning full-length black, white, and grey graphic print dresses. The designer’s penchant for linearity is on a pedestal. We see drama in the details: both large and small-scale graphics embedded within the pieces take centre stage, most notably, the square tile-like borders. These subtle line-breaks, as well as occasional bursts of stripes, give the pieces an extra layer of intrigue and hold them together effectively.

The most striking moments in the collection come when the blacks and whites that have appeared throughout are whipped and whirled into a wrap dress. The classic shades boom with all the excitement and exactitude of an evening ball where formal wear isn’t required, but Jeremy Laing is most welcome.


Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Thomas Kletecka/Collective Edit, Photographer