Lucian Matis - spring/summer 2010

Warriors of spring unite in the new spring oeuvre from Lucian Matis. While last season’s collection had the show-stopping deer in the headlights look with – antlers and all – here the designer treats us to a Roman aesthetic, done Toronto-style.

Tunics abound, and when they don’t have wraparound severity, they feature playful prints of a clown playing stand-up base. These original designs sometimes get lost in the folds and mutate into abstraction, giving these Matis goods an enigmatic feel. A pink skirt, when paired with an oversized white sweater, makes for a striking combo that steals the spotlight, while the silvers and mauves saunter with angelic aplomb.

This is a softer, pastel-infused outing than previous Matis collections, but nonetheless has experimental accessories to dazzle and tantalize: crowning headgear (think cyber-bonnets), amulets and jeweled ties, all adorning strong backless dresses that flow to tea-dress limits with silver blues and leveled greys.

In short, a collection just bursting with both energy and good balance.


Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer