Mark Fast - spring/summer 2010

Mark Fast ushers in spring-summer 2010 with a frenzied storm of colour and texture.

This outing is urgent and vibrant, each new piece breeding a new form of life. The knit delicacies are fused with pomp and flare, with wild contrast reigning supreme: most of the simple knit dresses have mildly distracting accents.

The patterns are intricate, at times evocative of a paper snowflake. Knit dresses have necklace-like shoulder straps that lend dramatic contour to the neckline, helping some outfits stand out from their more casual counterparts. Adding to this form-fitting motif are rivers of draped beads that extenuate the curves of the micro dresses, transforming the look into a spectacle. Fast plays with different shapes, including fuchsia and baby blue triangles that hang mussel-like along skirt hems.

Isn’t it time more designers use plus-sized models? In Mark Fast’s London Fashion Week show, it only added to the drama.


Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer