Pat McDonagh - spring/summer 2010

Earth tones, pastels and fiery reds entwine harmoniously in this class act of spring-summer 2010.

Veteran designer Pat McDonagh’s new collection hits all notes of emotional range – from the deadpan to the playful to the elegant, there’s something from each pocket of the mindscape. Dapper suits in brown sugar tweed and classic dresses use the same earthy hues with linear patterns to instantly engage the eye. A different turn with the Victorian collared dress layered in lace and pomp, in a colour scheme nothing short of Dickensian.

We see touches of theatrics in the crimson Little Drummer Girl jacket with exaggerated lapels. Equally unusual is the long, translucent gown worn with a brown bolero covered in dollops of fabric whipped cream. The white, bell-shaped dress looks like it walked right off a wedding cake, while the quasi-Hawaiian, layered-hem dresses give us a glimpse of summer frivolity.

Proof indeed that with Pat McDonagh, we can have the best of all worlds.


Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer