Philip Sparks - spring/summer 2010

Philip Sparks infuses menswear full of fresh ideas for overcast days, sparkling up for spring in a style all his own.

This cheeky outing combines casual jeans and t-shirts with slightly preppier suspenders, sweaters, gaunt vests and rainwear. Outfits such as khaki shorts worn with plaid shirts and jackets merge schoolboy looks with boardwalk chic. The collection hits on Milan trends with a focus on suit jacket, from laissez-faire numbers to double breasted versions in grey and blue, with sharply cut lapels and other touches of gangster-era severity.

Sparks takes some colour risks with pieces such as the aqua pants, though because of the sheer cuts, they fit in with the softer pieces in the collection.
The Thriller red windbreaker is an equally jarring but practical piece, playing counterpart to the recurring clamdigger denim shorts with rolled-up cuffs.

The nautical blue and red v-neck sweaters remain true to the prevalent them in this youthful, fresh-aired collection: it’s time to get our feet wet.


Nathaniel G Moore, Fashion Writer
Jenna Wakani, Photographer