Travis Taddeo - spring/summer 2010

Sportswear was pretty much everyday-wear in the 80s, though wearing Travis Taddeo’s spring collection everyday might require a little more gumption.

We have minimalist 80s in torn denim, high-cut beyond-yonder bodysuits and a liberal dose of leather. Taddeo wields a neutral palette in black, white and grey, showing off athletic clubwear in short, tight Tencel dresses and drawstring shorts in perforated leather. In this body-conscious collection, there are few embellishments to distract from the skin and the poppy, red and blue colour blocks, though the fur throws and baseball bats did emphasize the “hide-and-go-street” image the young Montrealer is becoming known for.

Slouchy white tees and red striped racerbacks show early in the Toronto LG Fashion Week show made every 80s child smile, but it was the glossy gymwear with leather accents that had everyone wanting to be disco superheroes.


Seow Chin Pua, Fashion Writer
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer