Vision of the Millennium by Toronto fashion designers

Toronto fashion designers presented their vision of fashion and style in the new millennium at this year’s Millennium Fashion Awards Soiree organized by City of Toronto Economic Development and FASHION magazine. Six designs were chosen by industry professionals for their innovative ideas. The fashion savvy crowd gathered for the occasion at the downtown landmark at One King, giving perfect spotlight to the imagination of competing designers including Zoran Dobric, Glynis Dupuis of Response, Simon Ekrelius, Pat McDonagh, vir-go’, Ula Zukowska.

The winner Zoran Dobric was selected by thousands of online votes submitted to FASHION magazine in the last two months. His design embodied progress through the painful history of our civilization in hope that we can learn to perhaps not change the past but to create of a new era. The image of woman as goddess and mother figure symbolizes our need for balance, unity and optimism.

“Everybody asked me why my model wore heavy knit slippers… I wanted to portray the women- survivors, and slippers to me symbolize the domestic qualities and maternal instinct and strength.” - said Zoran

All of the chosen design ideas were tinted with a search for balance, truth, self-confidence, self-expression, depth and growth. Most people associate fashion design with the outer shell, but these designers have proven that what we wear can be a vehicle of our inner expression.