Fashion Cares 2000


What a night! Lil’ Kim in her usual attire, next to nothing, merrily announced to media onlookers who were hoping a naughty glance might come their way, “I’m Here!” She certainly was. The 2000 Fashion Cares M.A.C Viva Glam extravaganza brought out all shapes, sizes, and styles for a round of drinks, a great cause, and the opportunity to strut their stuff. Not only were there beautiful bodies, outlandish headdresses, and sprawling outfits from 100 designers around the world including Vivienne Westwood, Richard Tyler, Antonio Berardi, etc. on stage, but there was also enough of this same mayhem among the partygoers to make your head spin.

Surprisingly, rapper Lil’ Kim is very little; however, it is a feature that is quickly forgotten and it’s her enduring personality and skimpy evening wear that becomes her trademark.. It’s no wonder border officials had detained her for over 2 hours earlier that day. It appears that she relishes the role that RuPaul and K.D. Lang once held as spokesperson (along with Mary J. Blige) for the new M.A.C. Viva Glam 3 purple lipstick, the proceeds of which go to those living with HIV. This effort has raised more than 20 million $ in 6 years, including close to a million towards the Aids Committee of Toronto from just this night alone.

Kim, who was joined by the lovely Deborah Cox, Amber, Rex Harrington with The National Ballet of Canada, and a spirited Village People, believes this to be a positive cause that hit closer to home with the loss of fellow rapper, Easy E. She reminded us that, this is not a gay disease and it inflicts all walks of life. John Demsey, MAC president, reiterated why these hip hop/r&b stars were selected,

“First and foremost, they were selected because they are committed to the cause and they wanted to do it. Second, they both represent strong individuals with a strong sense of self and style and have no qualms about expressing themselves with no judgments, which is something that MAC has always been about.”

Deborah first addressed the media in a chic white suit and halter top and later appeared on stage in purple leathers and a snakeskin halter with matching armband from Misura, a colour the designers were asked to incorporate in the Floating World collection.

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Brett Blankstein