Sensation Design Mode Jaguar 2002

The roar of Formula One racing may have overtaken Montreal from June 6-8, but it did nothing to silence the second edition of Sensation Design Mode, a fashion and design extravaganza that created a little noise of its own. Downtown Boulevard St. Laurent was overflowing with fashion aficionados desperate to get a glimpse of fall/winter 2002-03 Quebec chic, as theatrical presentations and Jaguar showcases peppered the busy schedule.

What was remarkable about this edition of Sensation Design Mode, apart from the inspired staging, was the weighty presence of designers who don’t show frequently. Kamkyl, who just opened a boutique in Old Montreal, presented an avant-garde menswear line that boasts tan and black velvet dinner jackets, their sophistication betrayed by rebellious raw seams. Morales swears by brilliant colour, with tastefully chaotic silk-screening and collage appliqué on sheer dresses with a bold layering schema. Denis Gagnon, never one to shy away from fashion as a sex statement, explores contrasting looks for both men and women. The gentle gradations of an ecru two-piece for women uses eroticism with measured restraint, while the slashed black and white leather jackets and pants exploits it to stunning results.

jaguar design

With his thriving boutique Scandale only a block away, George Lévesque nearly stole the show with a collection that not only uses the body to create new silhouettes, but also displays the cultural sensibilities that have made him a darling of the local artistic community. Vermilion velvet patchwork skirts and dresses show the same attention to detail as the mohair and mohair-accented pieces. From Lina Catalano’s simple seduction and Marie Saint Pierre’s ultra-silhouettes to Shan’s signature swimwear and Dubuc precision, Sensation Design Mode had it all. Other designers participating in the event include: BodyBag by Jude, Catherine Brulé, Dénommé Vincent, DUY, C’est Pas Grave, Fidel, Frëtt Design, Jean Airoldi, Ike&Dean, Marisa Minicucci, Rush, Tavãn&Mitto, Veronique D’Aragon.

mackage Mackage is quickly becoming a hot Canadian leatherwear label, and for good reason-their sumptuously treated leather in young styles is becoming impossible to resist. The fitted chocolate brown pants with rough finish and hip sash vies for attention with the sleek geometry of the pleated umber skirt in soft-touch leather. Much of the Mackage fall lineup is multi-seasonal, such as the rust mini-jacket with vintage lapels. For winter, the wool coats will do just nicely.

Sensation Design Mode points Cupid’s arrow in the right direction-designers, both established and emerging, present directly to their consumers. This kind of direct link is what keeps Canadian design on its toes and in such a healthy state of cutting edge. It also keeps consumers on their toes, and not just to see the runway over the thousands in front of them.
Daniel Cox, Fashion Editor
Marek Wlazlo, Photographer